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Trend BSOD

Worry-Free Business Security (WFBS) 9.5 Critical Patch 1442 release for BSOD issue for Windows 10 Fall Creators Update with Microsoft KB4043961 SUMMARY This critical patch resolves the BSOD issue that may occur after applying Microsoft KB4043961 on computers running Windows 10 Fall Creators Update and protected by Worry-Free Business Security 9.5.   Read More:
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Containerd is essential to Docker Engine. It's been used in Docker since version 1.11. This new open-source version is meant to be used as an open, stable, and extensible base for building non-Docker products and container solutions. Specifically, containerd can be used to transfer container images, container execution and supervision, low-level local storage, and network interfaces…
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Spam History

Spam hardly needs an introduction. Anyone with an e-mail account knows the acute frustration of being inundated with offers of pills from virtual pharmacists, financial propositions from Nigerian princes and pictures for fetish sites that really, really shouldn't exist. Spam has even gone beyond e-mail: like kudzu, it adapts to clog whatever online inbox you…
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Thermal Eyes

The thermal camera bottom line is accurate detection, clarity and quality of image. Benjamin Franklin has thermal cameras. General Douglas McArthur pioneered their use. In Jay Weatherill’s hands, thermal cameras can fight a killer from a safe distance. But, unlike their traditional surveillance siblings, thermal sensors and cameras create video images from infrared – heat…
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Cryptowall 4.0

The fourth iteration of the world's worst ransomware Cryptowall has surfaced with gnarlier encryption tactics and better evasion tricks that have fooled current antivirus platforms. Ransomware has ripped through scores of businesses and end-user machines in sporadic and targeted attacks that have cost victims millions of dollars in ransom payments made to criminals who have…
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It is clear that a ransomware crime wave will surge across America and Canada. Here is what we expect will happen in 2016 and what you need to look out for: Ransomware attacks doubled in 2015 and will double again in 2016. The U.K. is to some extent a bell-weather for the U.S. as they…
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“Free” Scans

Messages telling you to install and update security software for your computer seem to be everywhere. So you might be tempted by an offer of a “free security scan,” especially when faced with a pop-up, an email, or an ad that claims “malicious software” has already been found on your machine. Unfortunately, it’s likely that…
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