the ParaTech concept of ITAAS "It As a Service"

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Transformation to IT as a service

ITaaS, that is the transition of the IT in a organization from an MSP to the ITaaS model, is a journey which includes the adoption of such models as:

- New technology models founded on the use of private, public, and hybrid clouds; employing controls, trust and compliance up and down the stack; introducing infrastructure          standardization and automation wherever possible.

- New consumption models leveraging self-service catalogs offering both internal and external services; providing IT financial transparency for costs and pricing; offering consumerized IT -such as bring your own device (BYoD)- to meet the needs of users. All of which simplify and encourage consumption of services.

- New operational models which imply a revised organization, with new business and technical skills and roles; creation of more horizontal, service-oriented processes; explicit IT alignment with lines-of-business. Business driven IT solutions are represented as a repeatable business activity having a specified outcome, wherein service acts as a self-contained logical unit and may be composed of other technology services (choreography), is generally a "black box" solution to typical IT consumers while highly transparent to leadership.